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Here at Live It Yoga a true Sangha resides....it is here we experience the meaning of our common-unity....the oneness of our personal and global family, friends, nature Itself.  we are so very blessed  

Hello Wendy, I cannot thank you enough for the guidance you have given me and tools to continue practice on my own. Time with practicing with you this last one month has pulled me out of the hole I was in and reminded me how useful meditation can be. Peace and love until I see you again. Thank you so much,

Hi Wendy, Thank you so much. It's no wonder people come back to practice with you time and again. You truly care. I'm looking forward to learning more these coming weeks

I was very inspired by your class last week. It brought me great inner peace in a very troubled time for our nation. Thank you for leading us with such dignity and integrity. ~betsie~

Wendy, Thank you for seeing in us what we can give back into the world through your generous giving of your knowledge of what the true practice of yoga is.  We so appreciate you and will carry your gift through to those we share our life and the practices of yoga with. Susan

Hi Wendy...thank you so much for the great class today.  I truly appreciated the corrections and one-on-one coaching!

Dear Wendy! I am enjoying every bit of it- the variety of your offerings! Am delighted our paths have crossed & my journey is blessed by the gift of your presence!

I come to class with an open mind and an open heart ready to experience new wonders. Last night you delivered!!  The mood you created along with all the energy that was created was awesome!!. It was nice to see your community coming together. You are special and I am so happy our paths have crossed. Have a nice day.

There is a saying that is something about there are special people that enter your life...sometimes for a moment, sometimes for a longer period of time.  YOU are one of those special people I'm thankful you entered into my life.

Wendy,   Just want to tell you how much I love your classes!  It doesn't matter what day or how many people are there, I always seem to get exactly what I need as if you are talking to me individually.  That is amazing!!!  Thank you for bringing yoga back into my life.  After yoga in the morning, the rest of the day flows.  Shelley

How I move, feel and look at life through my yoga practice has been life changing!  Blessing more people along the way everyday!  With gratitude, Susan Acres of diamonds in this studio!

What a wonderful place to enjoy my practice.  Each time I come to Live It Yoga I leave feeling a sense of openness, calmness, and ease.  Each mindful class lead by Wendy incorporates meditation and a great physical practice; each class is different and unique but always wonderful. There is great personal attention to my individual needs and goals, as well as a great sense of community from the people who come to practice together.  Wendy takes the time to respond to every email and question I have along my journey;  it is truly a concierge practice. I love the Vinyasa, Restoration, and Meditation classes.

Hi Wendy!, I just want to let you know what an amazing instructor and spiritual leader you are.  I so appreciate you and all that you give of your heart and soul to the community of yoga....my heart and soul is in a better place because of you.  Love Susan 

“This a.m. class as all the classes you provide are absolutely amazing for my mind, body and spirit!  My practice has been a life changing experience for me and am always sharing with those that I meet on a daily basis to come and join us! “

“Sweet Wendy, This morning was wonderful and I thank you so much for the delightful instruction. Though I wish the session had been "full", it was a treat to get all the attention! Your compassion, guidance and gentle, loving soul makes my yoga adventure a treat. I so look forward to participating and focusing on the wonders of the yoga experience.  As I continue to "blossom" along the way, your passion is the guiding light, which makes me a better person for knowing you.  All blessings and good things await you. You are special! Namaste, E”

“Hi Wendy, I had to express deep gratitude for your presence, stillness and devotion to your highest calling-your presence. Although there were four of us in class on Tuesday, I felt like the class was designed specifically for me and my needs. I am moved by Spirits presence in my life and the souls that surround me. Wednesdays class left me feeling the divine leading my life. It was a joyous and love filled day.  Namaste,  Florencia”
“Hi Wendy, Just wanted to tell you, again, how special class was tonight. I am learning a lot about the art of relaxation through yoga. And enjoying the experience! I was really serious about the tag line of Restorative/wellness classes being a spa for your body and soul. The amount of energy you expend on setting up the room and atmosphere is tremendous. Then your follow through during class is amazing. It is obvious you love what you do. With my eyes closed and following your voice, I had a mental image of you as Tinkerbell.  Light, magical and being everywhere at once.”  ~Helaine~

“I take away so much from your teachings each time. My class observed fragile buds tightly closed in the strong winds from the window today.  I shared your thoughts about how lucky we were to share nature's “thank you” to us. We will watch in awe as the leaf buds start to unfurl. Each day we can witness the majesty and share the thanks from mother nature as a community. Your insight brought new meaning to an old practice of observation.”

“Dear Wendy, I just wanted you to know how much your studio and you in particular have changed my life for the better.  I have contemplated starting the practice of yoga for many years.  I was always too scared that I would not know what to do and feel awkward and/or not welcome in a group.  You embraced my fears on my first day and made me feel welcome and most importantly safe in your studio.  I have learned so much from you since I started in late December.  Your teachings have extended beyond the walls of your studio and into my personal life.  I feel your teachings have made me a better mother, wife, friend and teacher.  The name of your studio “Live It Yoga” is fitting for how one finds the balance between body, mind, and spirit in everyday life.  I truly feel blessed to have met you.  Thanks for making my life so much richer and more positive.  My life is filled with more rainbows than clouds.  Love, Betsie.”

“My favorite class is definitely Gentle Flow.  I work just as hard as I do in any other classes, but the slower transitions allow me to focus on syncing my breath and movement.  I feel really truly wonderful when we are done.  I've found benefits go well beyond the mat and studio.  I find myself being more mindful of all actions that I take and strive to have purpose in everything that I do.  Thank you for everything that you do!” ~nicole~

 “Wendy, thank you so much for opening Live It for all of us to be enlightened through your kind spirit, warm heart and knowledge to keep our body in tune with the earth.  Practicing at Live It Yoga has been a life changing experience for me for which I am truly grateful! God always listens to my heart and soul.”~susan~

“I want to thank you for the very personal attention you give so freely as I embark in my yoga experiences after years of being 'off the mat.' Your instructional method is just what I am seeking; yoga on the mat, and most importantly, bringing yoga off the mat as well. Namaste. ~ Caryl~

“I had the best night's sleep after last night's restorative yoga practice.  Thank you so much for providing a place to totally surrender”

“Hi, Wendy. I wanted to send you this email to let you know how much I appreciate all that I have learned since I started going to your yoga center.  I have had a number of occasions to use yoga breathing and other techniques you have taught me which I have used "off the mat".  Most recently, I was going through a medical procedure and I used the yoga breathing techniques to help me stay calm while I was anticipating the time of my appointment as well as during the procedure.  In addition to the wonderful yoga positions (tadasana, downward dog, cobra, plank, donkey kick, to name a few) to help with stretching and flexibility, the meditational experiences are very helpful for relaxation.  I admire the extra activities that you plan each month and I look forward to attending the classes you offer.  Thank you also for all your kind words of inspiration. Namaste,  Linda”

“I have been practicing yoga for over thirty years, both formally and informally.  Yoga is so important to me because it increases my balance, flexibility, and stamina.  It also gives me a sense of peace and a feeling of deep relaxation.  For me, it connects mind, body and spirit.  In 2011, I moved to Buffalo Grove and was looking for a new studio to further my yoga practice.  I found “Live It Yoga” and discovered a “home.” I did practice in a few other places but I did not get the feeling that I desired.  When wendy opened her studio, it was like my dream come true.  This is “the window in my mind, body and spirit.  Wendy is such an amazing yoga teacher.  A warm, passionate and spiritual person.  I have been practicing here at Live It Yoga with wendy for almost a year, at least three times per week.  Each yoga class and meditation is filled with special attention for each individual student.  wendy also has provided many different opportunities to help support the surrounding community.  She holds interesting workshops as well.  Her studio has such a friendly atmosphere.  She is always laughing and creating fun for everyone.  She has also helped to create many friendships.  I LOVE coming to “Live It Yoga.”  Wendy,  keep on doing your excellent job and congratulations on your 1st anniversary.   ~Jolanta~

“The spiritual nature of Wendy is contagious and loving. I am hooked! Thank you Wendy for opening Live It Yoga. You are a blessing in my life.” ~Sharan ~
"After hitting the age of 40 several years ago, I noticed my body AND my mind had changed.  My body wasn't as firm as as it once was and although I stay thin, I have lost muscle tone and I just am not able to move as I once did.  My mind had become cluttered with stress that occurred throughout the day and I wasn't able to let it go as easily as I had been able to in the past.  When I heard about Wendy's yoga studio opening, I thought I would give it a try.   After the first class, I was TRANSFORMED.  Wendy is a wonderful, patient teacher and learning about this physical, mental and spiritual discipline has brought joy to my life and I feel blessed to be part of this group."  Dayna

“I can recall the feeling of my first few experiences with Wendy.  As I sat around her yoga class. I looked from one face to another. There was creative artist, generous nurse, expressive actress, spiritual messenger, and graceful dancer. The energy flowing amongst the class was so beautiful. It was as if listening to a song you want to sing along to, but don’t know the words. It was magical, peaceful, wholesome and loving. The next few times I entered Wendy’s class, I left my insecurities, worries and faults at the door. Leaving such a confining form behind, I could reenter as a free spirit. I saw that there were no words to that song. Everyone was welcome. Everyone could contribute. We are all one. No one is ever left out. Wendy’s presence simply brought out a beautiful part inside me that I didn’t know existed, but am proud and excited to have discovered. I’ve found and embraced my formless essence. I have found me, and I wouldn’t change me for anyone.  I’m confident that I am not alone in saying Wendy has renewed my life. Wendy sees the integrity in everyone. She knows there is a spark waiting to be ignited so we can all embrace our True Self and continue life with a grander approach. She has, and will continue, to form a community, or kula in yoga terms, where individuals reawaken a relationship with their True Self. Wendy holds a passion for the art of yoga, because yoga reflects the livelihood and origin of who we are. Rooted in spiritual life , she encourages all to live as who we are: to embark on a journey of  healing, love, and fullfilment. She is offering the freedom to live It. Come, let’s celebrate who we are.” -Dana-

“Wendy Silvers is an outstanding Yoga instructor and has practiced this healing modality for decades. She is a very intuitive and a highly spiritual individual. I strongly recommend this superbly skilled and compassionate professional. Meeting Wendy is a blessing in itself.”
-Evan L. Lipkis MD
Medical Director, MD Special Care

“I have known Wendy Silvers for 20 years.  She has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known.  She has raised 5 children in a loving environment and volunteered thousands of hours in schools and other community settings.  She is such a positive, happy person with so much enthusiasm and excitement to open her own yoga studio.  I know she will make a positive difference in the lives of all her yoga students.”  -Lisa-

“What an awesome teacher you are.  I loved the World Peace Preparation Day.  How dedicated you are to your students. Setting up an inviting room. Planning ahead with special devotions, cards and inspirations for us all on our mats. I've never seen anyone put so much into a yoga class. What care you give to all of us.”

“Wendy, so grateful for your leadership, for this practice.” ~Sue~