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Owner~Instructor~Spiritual Mentor
“You may say that I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one...” 
It is an honor and a sacred privilege to be blessed with this opportunity since 2011 when i opened the doors to Live It Yoga, Common-Unity Center  to share my “dream come true”.  To continue to offer a sacred space where neighbors may gather in harmony and unity in their common spirit while celebrating their unique beauty of diversity.  I welcome everyONE to Live It Yoga Common-Unity Center. Where we offer the Arts for Spiritual Conscious Living.  I invite you to carry this dream forward with me, the dream of unity and harmony for all life. 
I have traveled along life’s journey of growth and expansion, which offered me signs of love, light, joy, surrender, truth and peace, inspiring me to continue my vision of the unity and to Live It as I only know, through my heart.  It is through my heart I have known a Presence, a living energy that is of all pure, all love.  This Presence has always been there with me to turn to, this sense of peace that is beyond understanding, this which can only be experienced.  And this I have experienced, for it has been my true companion nourishing me with the gift of life.  I realize this Presence is the very essence of all life, it is everywhere, within everything.  All we need to do is to realize it, accept and receive it and Live IT!
The Art of Yoga offers guidelines for living such an expansion of Spirit’s very nature. It is this art of living that nourishes the balance of the health of mind and body.  A playful practice to build strength and flexibility while offering peace of mind. All the while this mystical transformational practice fosters a deeper meaning beyond the healing of mind and body to the realization of the true essence of who we are. 
I invite you through your practice, to join me in opening of your heart to know you are deeply loved and loving. To touch your toes, enjoy taking responsibility for the well being of your mind and body.  As we simply let ourselves be in the present moment and be still, we realize this true essence of our being and go beyond to reach the world through our connection with one another and to all life creation.  When we allow the spirit to nurture Itself through us, to live Itself in Its grace and beauty, It is boundless how far Its energy vibration will flow.  
There are many pathways to explore and to experience your individual spirituality. As as you come to study and practice through Live It Yoga community, may you find deeper value, meanings and joys in life.  Here you can be quiet in your heart for a few moments and then go forth into your day.

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Wendy Silvers M.Ed, E-RYT

I hold degrees in Psychology and Education, focusing in the area of Special Education.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to being a teacher in the elementary school for several years. It was important for me to provide a classroom that inspired the children to offer their authentic voice and be heard. Through the design of the “open classroom”,  the walls were transparent for learning to take place wherever the exploring and inquiry took us.  The years following I was led by my heart to take care of my family which brought me deeper into my inquiry of life and its meaning. This led me to my practice of meditation and yoga, deepened along with my studies of spiritual principles.  My life became my practice as I consciously witnessed the spiritual principles reflected in my personal life and life continually flowing around me.  I chose to respond to life creating a lifestyle that reflected my knowing of the gentle power of love and unity. 

Holding a passion in my heart for bringing together community and empowering others to live a liberated full life of spirit, alongside with my dedicated practice of the art of yoga, mediation and journaling, I chose to pursued my yoga teacher training, studying with Silvia Mordini.  Silva’s passion and gifted talent infused with her generous offering of knowledge and wisdom of the yogic practice inspired my personal practice and this which I would offer others. I am deeply grateful for Silvia. I earned my certificate as a yoga instructor, being registered at the 200 hour level with Yoga Alliance.  I also, being a member of the Yoga alliance, having continued my studies of yoga and having offered over 1000 hours of individual and group sessions of the practice of yoga, i am recognized as an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 200).

I enjoy weaving together an eclectic playful meditative vinyasa yoga flow rooted in spiritual teachings, combined with music to create a fluid flow of movement mindfully connected with the breath.  I am often spontaneous in my curriculum which is drawn from being continually inspired by each student and their creative expression of their innate spirit.  It is a delight to offering children creative yoga classes filled with imagination and playfulness while nurturing them with love and kindness. 

My life fills through service and what we can give from our hearts unconditionally to enrich the lives of others. To hold on is to limit, to let go and share is to be free.  I go where I am called to, to serve where I am needed.   One organization I was called to was the Cancer Wellness Center, where I had the opportunity to bring together a community of yoga friends. Each Saturday morning we met to share and support one another in our practice of life.  What a beautiful community of gentle hearts has grown into a family. I am grateful for each soul friend who has shared this yogic spiritual path with me.  

I have been so blessed to offer these holistic and restorative approaches and tools to healing, growth and expansion.  In a safe and nurturing environment for self discovery and self transformation, as a spiritual mentor it is my intention to empower others to be still and listen, mindful of this inner wisdom for guidance on their unique path, awakening to their own clarity and truths.

How rich my life is!

Personally, I can say, I want for nothing more.  It is my time to give out to the community to share this which I know is true ... Love is Life!  Where there is love there is peace! 

I look forward to the continuation of this “dream” taking on its life of serving the community, near and far.  May your experience at Live It Yoga Common-Unity Center add to your already rich and sweet life of Spirit.

...“I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will live as One.” ~John Lennon~   

                      May we each Live In Love, Live In Peace, Life In Joy,  Live as One.  Live It!  “Life is Good “   Baruch Bashan, Blessed Always as One,  Wendy