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Art of Meditation:  Devote this present moment during your day to deepen your inner wisdom within yourself during this guided meditation.  Be in the present in quiet moments of stillness, you may 
awaken to the everlasting peace within yourself.  Explore various meditation techniques offered through this guided meditation.  Offer yourself peace of mind, relaxation of the heart and calm of the body.
No meditation experience necessary.   

Basic Flow: Setting the foundation.  This class is designed to engage and support those new to yoga. The focus is an introduction to basic yoga poses and healthy foundation and alignment.  A perfect pace 
and attention to details for newer students to become familiar with basics of yoga and to feel at ease and enjoyment of the practice while receiving the benefits of the practice.

Om Shalom meditation:  A mindful flow of yoga led by the breath, illuminated by peaceful candle lighting. Supporting the surrendering of mind/body offered through the deep, 
slow, cleansing breath.   Followed by a guided meditation, nestled in the seat of the soul experiencing the peaceful stillness within.  Om Shalom: Peace, Peace Peace.    A perfect way to release and bring ease to 
the end of your week.   EveryOne welcome. 

Gentle Flow (all levels welcome):  No previous experience is needed to come and join this class.  This class is for students who enjoy and desire a slower paced practice of yoga. Therapeutic in nature, this 
soothing gentle flow focuses on an exploration of basic yoga poses and how to connect them through attention to breathing, alignment and mindfulness. Poses are held for a longer time, while props are used 
for your comfort, encouraging students rest and balance creating a  meditative and relaxing practice for over all well-being. Practitioners intentionally have a time to pause and savor the moments, creating a 
calming and peaceful effect. A blissful way to unwind. Perfect class to support those needing a tender and gentle flow. 
Healing and Wellness Meditation and Gentle Restorative Yoga:  A community spirit of support provide a safe atmosphere to deepen the healing process. Nourish your spirit, nurture your soul, bringing
 healing to your mind and body through a soothing meditative restorative yoga practice.   Using bolsters, blankets and blocks in long guided movements and savasana to support you to create a deeper opening and space for mind and body to  relax into stillness.  Wonderful healing practice.   
Private Yoga Session:  This one on one yoga/meditation session is great for those new to the practice as well as those already deeper into the practice. Private yoga instruction is tailored for your specific needs as you can along with the instructor design your own personal home practice.  It allows you to work on what makes sense for you and what your specific needs are. With private instruction you can deepen your practice, gain confidence, inquire within to your deeper truths.  This opportunity is beneficial for all yoga practitioners.

Private Sessions for Spiritual Guidance explore the role of spirituality in our lives through the process of personal inquiry and self transformation.  As a guide, my deepest intention is to honor you for who you are and where you are in the moment.  Offering a safe space to allow receptivity to being still in the present moment and "listen within; reconnecting to an inner relationship with your True Self and Spirit.  Bringing forth awareness and clarity to what the soul may be seeking to articulate. In addition to discussion; practices of meditation, journaling, deliberate breath techniques will be offered. 
*I am not claiming to be a licensed therapist.  If you are seeking someone who is state licensed, I am happy to help you find the support you need. 
Private sessions with wendy are scheduled by appointment 
New To Yoga/Fundamental Yoga Series Session: A series class is offered to those who wish to register for a regular day and time series of classes. The series is designed with a specific focus to meet the needs of the students.  The new to yoga series offers new and seasoned yogis a mindful setting to focus on the fundamentals of asana (posture), pranayama (breathing techniques) and classical sun salutation.  The class will focus on mindful alignment of the asana, the flow of the breath leading the movement (vinyasa flow).  In a safe and comfortable setting, each student will have the space to explore and experience their personal practice while time will be set aside for group inquiry and sharing.  Through this intimate setting with the instructor, each student will be offered a deeper awareness and understanding of the practice of yoga. Please bring a journal with you if you like, to keepsake your meaning of your experience.  

Vinyasa Yoga Flow I:  Those already familiar with the fundamentals of yoga, this class is a blend of yoga asanas ( poses), details of alignment principles and vinyasa flow synchronizing the breath with smooth 
movements.  Cultivating a deeper awareness of how to refine your breathing so that you can strengthen the connection between your breath, your body and your mind. The creative sequencing is designed 
around surya namaskar (sun salutations) and a flowing meditation which is always evolving with variations to provide a balanced approach to the practice that is both safe and energetic.  The class combines 
asanas (poses) including standing, seated, twists and back bending. This yoga flow prepares you for seated meditation.   

Vinyasa Yoga Flow I/II:  For those already familiar with surya namaskar (sun salutations), this class is tailored for those who wish to deepen their personal practice of yoga.  Through both classical and creatively designed vinyasa sequences,this slightly elevated pace class will lift the heart rate and increase the flow of prana.  More challenging variations build heat and safely develops strength, stability, balance and flexibility.  Backbends, inversions (handstands and headstands). 
compliment this class.  

Yoga for Tween/Teens:  Seeds of Peace, a unique program designed exclusively for children, dedicated to nourishing the tender spirits, peaceful minds and healthy bodies so that they may flourish in their growth from the strong roots of love.   This creative yoga program offers freedom for children to explore their awareness of self and their interconnectedness of the world around them.  Through this awareness of connectedness, the individual innate voices of the children are heard and honored as they are empowered to realize they have a choice to live a healthy whole life, making a positive difference in the world.
An atmosphere of love, care, kindness and praise encourages creative expression and imagination through movement with music, exploring yoga poses and the awareness of breath, mind and body along with relaxation techniques.  Children will be guided through breathing techniques to calm their minds and bodies while learning to listen inward to their inner voices. 
This creative  practice of yoga not only enhances flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness through stretching and exercising, it inspires positive thinking, self confidence and an awareness of inner peace. A non-competitive practice offers a social environment for children to experience their heart of compassion, kindness and cooperation with other yoga friends, exploring these skills to be taken into their everyday lives.  Seeds of Peace, Yoga for Children offers a simple and fun approach to nourishing our children through our hearts, that they may blossom gracefully into their fullness of beauty, peace, joy and the goodness from within.  
All classes guided by wendy silvers.     
It is our duty to offer each child the freedom to share their beautiful authentic voice and expression of the heart.  Classes are designed for the specific age group.  There are no prerequisite.  Simply come join with friends, enjoy and have a good time. Time will be offered at the end of each class for sharing feelings and thoughts through discussions and journal writing.  Feeling good about YOU is what yoga is all about.

Yoga Therapeutics/ A Gentle Practice: An integrative approach to health and well being, restoring balance to both health and mind. This series class will offer support through therapeutic alignment for healing and freedom. Movement into,staying in and movement out of the asana with the appropriate breathing.  Asanas (poses)will be modified with props and variations. Sharing asana programs and guidelines for specific healing areas.  (backs, hips, knees, shoulders, scoliosis, headaches, etc. ).

In the beginning we all depend on attention, affection of our mother or other caring people.

Without love and care we cannot survive.

Without love in action we miss the meaning of life.

A disposition towards love and compassion is apart of our vital energy and how we develop.

Believing after all my life I have lived that love is within me and never left me.

I go beyond my history, beyond my life experiences, my wounds and my sufferings.  I go beyond. beyond, beyond.

This music is a praise to all divine mothers.

To the female power within us all.

It will help you to know thev alues like Love. Love.  Kindness. Kindness. and Compassion.  Compassion.

Forgiveness and tolerance.  Tolerance.

Go to the Mother Within you.  Go inside of you.

Tre values you find beyond. beyond. beyond.

The mother is inside all of us. 

Female or male. 

Unconditiional love is so powerful showing in the symbols of divine mother of all faiths, cultures.

Religious and non- religious.

Hear the inspiration and the embodiment of unconditional love.

I invite you with all my heart to seek for the mother inside of you.  T

hat all embracing sound of the heart which unites us all.

Listen deeply. When words fail. The music speaks.

Beyond, beyond, beyond.

Amazing Grace.